Ct. Filip Kormuth

About Ct. Filip Kormuth

Ct. Filip Kormuth was born in Prague in 1981 to a Slovak family. Having grown up in South Africa, he feels South Africa to be his home.

After having moved to South Africa in 1993, Ct. Filip has recommenced his formal training in music with his enrolment to Natal University (2000) where he has obtained Masters in Piano performance (2006) and where has been active as a lecture of Piano, Keyboard studies and Music History until the end of 2012. Apart from his Masters degree, Ct.Filip also holds the prestigious and internationally recognised Performance Licentiate from UNISA which he was awarded at 2006.

Ct.Filip has been active as a concert Pianist both in South Africa and abroad, with over hundred performances also performing some of his own works. As a composer, Ct.Filip’s music is deeply rooted in tonal idioms ranging from medieval and folklore modes, to classical and modern tonalities. His style of composition borders between Romantic and Expressionistic but his philosophical approach to his art is firmly rooted in East European Expressionism. Ct. Filips compositional output is truly extensive for having rather short carrier as a composer, and encompasses solo, chamber, orchestral and vocal music (see Opus).

On Teaching
His activity as a university lecturer spans over a decade at the Natal University in Durban Where he has completed his Masters degree in Piano performance in 2006 and where he was until recently been active as a lecturer of Piano, keyboard studies and music History. He is currently active as full time composer composing on commissions and teaching Piano, Keyboard, and compositions from his studio. He is a member of South African Society of music teachers and is an active member of the local Musical academic community.

Ct. Filip is also very involved in research and currently working on books an approach to piano pedagogy and composition. He is currently working towards his PhD degree.

On Performing
He has over hundred performances in and around Durban South Africa. His varied repertoire includes his own compositions as well as Piano concertos. As well as having many South African and European performances.
On Composition
Ct. Filip has an extensive compositional output which includes instrumentals solo, chamber, orchestral works as well as vocal works, in Contemporary classical styles and jazz.